How could a good God allow suffering?

The Christian faith centers around the story of Jesus Christ dying on the cross.  This faith not only does not hide from hard questions regarding suffering, it features pain at the center of its message.  Our faith teaches:  God planned the suffering of Jesus Christ for the express purpose of solving the problem of suffering.
There is a mysterious level of wisdom operating in that message.  Perhaps the fact that you asked that question is a hint that the divine image is working in you as a part of your being.  Is there anything familiar to our experience where pain is a stage of transition to a new state of bliss?  How about childbirth?  Perhaps the labor and delivery of a baby is a symbol to us that this life of suffering is a transition to something more blissful.
Do you think that the fact that you cannot see a good reason why a good God would allow suffering is proof against His existence?  Just because you cannot see something does not mean it isn’t there.  I cannot see a virus, but it is there, and it surely has the power to change me.  A good God who allows suffering is also here, and He can surely help you.

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